Through maximising the power of the daytime sun, owner Jason Vogler has been working with Maceco to further reduce the motels electricity spend.

After the installation of a 20Kw system, by Maceco, Motel Kempsey were keen to implement new usage strategies, working side by side with our consultant Gerry MacKenzie. The initial aim of the system was to cover daytime usage of the 20 room motel, ensuring all room refrigerators, onside laundry and pool were powered by the solar system. This strategy has seen an approximate 30% reduction in their existing electricity bill.

Further daytime usage strategies are still being implemented, with ongoing monitoring and support provided by Maceco.

Just another example of how solar is helping business maximise their yearly profits through implementation and management of solar solutions.


Motel Kempsey, NSW


Provide savings through solar installation


Gerry MacKenzie